CYCLAM is a brand known enough by users to become almost a common name.
But the real Cyclam seal is only made by the factory Cyclam of Amiens.

Established in 1942 under the brand AD, Cyclam is still one of the world leaders in design, manufacturing and marketing of mechanical seals for the water pumps of vehicles and for the industrial applications (pumps, varied rotating machines).


The first patent of monoblock seal with side friction was deposited by one of the founders of the company in 1941. This revolutionary product made obsolete the traditional gland and was very fast adopted by the French car manufacturers whose sole supplier became Cyclam, in particular for the CITROËN “Traction Avant”, the PEUGEOT 202, the RENAULT 4 HP, the SIMCA 8.

Since 1948, Cyclam has collaborated directly with the automotive manufacturers and with the French National Centre for Scientific Research and created its own department of Research and Development.
Soon Cyclam test benches become THE reference for testing the water pumps.
Numerous revolutionary inventions follow which will make the dynamic sealing progress and which will quickly be adopted by the other manufacturers.

Today, Cyclam is:
  •     An automotive supplier of OEM, spare parts and industrial products
  •     A designer capable of adapting products to the needs of customers
  •     A factory with rationalised processes of production and widely automated
  •     A company which knows how to adapt itself successfully to the evolutions and the requirements of the world automotive market

Cyclam, is now part of the AVOCarbon group.


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