Type MLE
ø 8 and 12 mm
Type JME
Compact Seal
ø 12 mm
Type EMR
ø 15 and 16 mm
Type TurboJoint
ø 15 and 16 mm
Type Turbo-axe Type Joint turbine


Key Product Features

  Seal Design: Traditional compact seal concept of Cyclam without any glue for the best reliability of the secondary sealing areas. Balance calculated for optimizing the softest friction of the faces. Unitized to preserve the faces from dust or external particles.
  Spring: Allows for controlled mechanical closing force, flexibility for axial movement.
  Bellows: Elastomer bellows provides secondary sealing and assures the balance closing force in using conditions. It accepts slight axial and angular movements due to the tolerances of the assembly.
  Retainer: Stainless steel corrosion-resistant retainer provides positive mechanical drive for the primary ring and assures the fitting of the seal into the pump bore.
  Sleeve: Stainless steel corrosion-resistant sleeve provides positive mechanical drive for the mating ring.
  Primary Ring: The Carbographite material is without any impregnation and so, besides its high dimensional stability, has an excellent behavior in hard conditions of temperature and pressure.
  Mating Ring: The Porous Silicon Carbide material and the Carbographite have together excellent tribological properties which results in an increase life of the seal. The porous silicon carbide micro-cavities allow to provide a fluid film between the friction faces necessary for the proper functioning of the seal. Cyclam was a pioneer in the adoption of its carbographique/silicon carbide faces couple which, in addition to its excellent durability in normal use, allows a dry running (limited).


Auto Products, Trucks, Serial Motorcycles :

     Compact mechanical seals
     Unitized "Turbo-Joints" (seal head + seat + impeller)
     "Joints-Turbines" (seal head + impeller)
     "Turbo-axes" (seal head + shaft and overmolded impeller)


Others products

     Industrial quality seals
     Pressurization caps for competition vehicles
     Mixed-flow pumps studies

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