Rotary unions

A rotary union is a mechanical element which ensures the seal between a fixed pipe and a rotaring part, which allows the entry and/or if necessary the exit of air or a fluid ( oil, exchange fluid thermal) of a rotating part.

Rotary union can be made by incorporating a dynamic seal, especially when it comes to fluid transfer, with high rotational speed and/or high pressures.

Simple version of a rotary union, one way is existing. Fluids. The liquid circulates in a one-way passageway.

This model allows liquid to circulate in a two way road. 2 ways are available to allow the liquid to enter the swivel then exist throug another channel.


Our rotary unions are customized, depending on our customer specifications. The rotary union body and the mechanical seal inside are integraly made in Cyclam. Once we receive your specifications, we made a feasability analysis before sending you the most suitable technical solution and price offer.
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